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Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

Posted in family & Life, How to, Love & Relationsip by Writomania on February 1, 2009

Friends Here are some of the seriously funny ways to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day:

Step1: Have you wished to all your friends ? or try if you can remember some friends and relatives whom you cared images2earlier but can not get time to meet or talk to them due to busy work and life.
Step2: Try if you can become Santa this Valentine’s day….. An odd idea but would be nice to have a mini X-mas this time . what do you say ?
Step3: Give surprises to people all over the day. See some child who is in bad shape, buy some cloths to him if you can. At least an ice cream is something he/she deserves for sure.images32
Step4: Charity time guys ! That’s odd but it would be nice if you can pick some stuff from your home that you would not like to use anymore but can be used by some deprived people in the society like children at orphanage, charitable organization and or some brothel… yes that’s wired but these places in third world countries are in real bad shape if you live in these countries anyhow.
Step5: Think of someone you know who’s been in the doldrums lately and leave a secret care package on his or her doorstep. Something as simple as a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers from the supermarket can turn images1someone’s whole day around.
Step6: Wanna make something to save the greenery around you. Spread some seeds if the precious lawn grass that you have preserved just for your lawn. Give it a chance to grow in your community park as well.
Step7: Wanna do some community service? Just try of you can do some cleaning in your community, at least the dirt and litter you have spread across.
Step8: Love Thyself at least: Do something you have been thinking of doing for yourself for a long time. But many things came in between and you could not do it.  Buy that jeans you wanted to have long before, its not that late ;-). Go to your friends place you coould not visit due to abc things. or thin what else you can do this Valentine’s day for yourself.

Last: Last but not the least, do something for the soldirs who are continuously fighting for the soverignity and safty of our countries. Do something for them, their families and your country’s best gurds.

Hope you liked these kick ass ideas. Please feel free to add yours here as well.

Courtesy: DOW yes Diamond Rings Company :

hey do not forget your Girl / boy Friend. She also needs a nice Gift this time. Your wife / husband if you are married and unlucky to not have a girl / boyfriend friend. If you do not have none of the two doh… guys, try to find one now…


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